Welcome to my blog!

Let’s get this started, shall we?

I am Anne, a designer and illustrator from Germany. I have always been drawing and painting and eventually ended up turning it into a career.

In this blog I am going to talk about everything in and between design and illustration, but not limited to that. There will be articles, features, freebies, tutorials, and maybe even interviews at some point. This is not my first, and probably not my last, blog, I may mirror some things I have written elsewhere here to fill it up.Don’t want it to be all empty, y’know.

There will be more about me and what I do on my about page. Why else would it be there?

A bit something short about me, is that I have a weird memory of random facts and unusual trivia. I am into pop culture and sports, baking and decorations. A big bowl to fish out for topics to cover in the blog, too.

We will see what will happen 😉

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