Day 8 – 24 Days of Christmas

Welcome to day 8 on the 24 Days of Christmas!

Today is about a childhood crafting memory. When I was small we always made window pictures from black card stock and colorful transparent papers. So for today I decided to play this up a bit and create a template to build a tealight house.

Download the .PDF template here

You can print the instructions on any kind of card stock paper your printer accepts or use a ruler or measuring board to draw in the lines yourself. If you’re using a scoring board, you don’t have to draw in many lines anyway.

I built some myself today, but I made some mistake and so you’re only going to see the ones made from black card stock. I forgot to erase lines on the brighter card stock I used and you could see them all once you put a tealight in. Learn from my mistakes!
Another one was to cut and fold in the wrong order, so, pay attention to the steps carefully. You have to cut and fold in multiple steps of the process, so don’t do it all at once.

I tested the security of the tealights and adjusted the template accordingly. Half of the roof is open to the top to minimize the danger of the tealight burning the paper. If you are still unsure to use them — mine have been burning without a problem for over an your —  you can use electric tealights instead.

I hope you enjoy this post and the freebie and I am wishing you a happy holiday season!

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