Day 22 with free gift card holder tutorial – 24 Days of Christmas

Welcome to the 22nd Day of Christmas!

In case you only have time to get gift cards for people, here’s a little tutorial and template on how to make a stocking shaped gift card holder.

Download the Gift Card Holder Template here

This is a really quick way to create some nice gift card holders. You can either print the template directly onto colored card stock that fits your printer or create a custom template from a print out that you can trace by hand repeatedly on any kind of card stock.

A little fuzzy cutting, a few folds, some glue, and a bit of decoration and you’re done. One holder took me about 10 minutes to make, but that included taking pictures. Even the fuzzy cutting is really quick and you can always correct any mistakes and the shape of the stocking.

Let me know what kind of gift card holders you create!

I hope you enjoy this post and the freebie and I am wishing you a happy holiday season!

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