Valentines Day Card – My Heart Skips a Beat for You

Hello! Today I am starting with the Valentine’s Day frenzy. It can only last a few days thought, because as of Friday I will be gone and on vacation.

So here is a first card. I made a bunch of 1 inch red hearts and was thinking of ways to use them on a card. It turned out to be very simple. I took one of the hearts and covered in entirely in clear embossing powder to make it stand out. It also turned a bit darker due to the ink and the heat. The card stock is still the recycled sketch paper I have a lot of, so I want to use as much of it as possible.

I cut a part of the card front off, so that the heart that is out of line is also on the inside once you open it. It also emphasizes the uniqueness of this one heart.

It all comes together with the, terribly, hand written sentiment “My heart skips a beat for you”. You have a row of hearts but there’s one that doesn’t quite want to stay in line. I thought it was rather cute and a really simple way for a card.

Anyway, let me know if you like this idea, there is definitely a lot of room to improve on it — for example having a heart shaped die or punch would help A LOT and make the mass producing of hearts even easier. Using different papers and different ways to make that single heart stand out. The possibilities are endless!

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