Day 4 – 24 Days of Christmas

Welcome to the 4th day of Christmas — 2nd Advent!

It is time to light the second candle on your Advent wreath. This is also scary cos that means it is less than 3 weeks until Christmas! Lots of preparations to do.


The advent wreath is traditionally a German Lutheran celebration of Jesus’ arrival. Opposed to the Advent calendar, there are no gifts for each candle that is lit. While you will find most of the wreaths to be made from evergreens, there are modern versions that almost reduce the wreath to just the 4 candles and very sparse decorations. I prefer mine green with lots of decorations in red and gold.

But enough of that: Today’s freebie will be a wallpaper of this illustration, just click on whatever size you want and download immediately.


I hope you enjoy this post and the freebie and I am wishing you a happy holiday season!

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