Day 18 with free bookmark printable – 24 Days of Christmas

Welcome to day 18 on the 24 Days of Christmas!

Today’s free download is not as Christmas centered as previous ones, but since we’re approaching the end rapidly and I’d want you not to wait an entire year to use them again, I decided to go more non seasonal. So today you get a set of 4 cute corner bookmarks. The .PDF contains both color and outline versions, so that you can either print and use as they are or print and color yourself.

Download the .PDF template here

Instructions are in the download. You can see further down below how I colored them and how they end up looking like. Of course you can choose whatever colors you want, maybe they even fit to family members of yours. Even with fuzzy cutting it took me just minutes to cut and glue the bookmarks. You can use whatever paper weight you may like. You can also strengthen the back of the bookmark by adding some thicker card stock. The outline versions come with a blank back, so you can either color that or glue colored paper on top of it. Or on the inside.

If you use them, please share your results! I’d love to see what you did with it.

I hope you enjoy this post and the freebie and I am wishing you a happy holiday season!

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